From Barely Functioning to Fit and Glowing: How I Turned my Health Around

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From Barely Functioning to Fit and Glowing: How I Turned my Health Around

September 25, 2018


I was in my early 20’s when I became an avid collector of auto immune diseases, each more challenging that the next and with varied treatments and drugs that would often do more harm than good.

I was barely functioning and always feeling sick, lethargic and depressed. I was taking medication to address the side effects of other medications – I was a pharmacist’s dream!

I could not stand to look at myself in the mirror as an aging sad stranger would glare back at me. Surely that was not me! I blamed my medical conditions and medications for my weight and health problems, not realising that in fact I was the worst contributor to my state of ill health.

This cycle had to be broken and the only person that could take charge was ME!

It was in early February 2018 that I was going through some family holiday photos and I could not believe how terrible I looked. I looked sick, sad and disconnected from the people around me. It was at this time that I reconnected with some old friends that had done the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol. The changes in them were incredible. It was more than the physical weight loss…they were looking healthy, energized and had a great zest for life. They were glowing and I wanted to have that glow too.

My first few days on the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol

At first I was skeptical about the protocol. It seemed restrictive and honestly plain hard. But I decided that I had nothing to lose and to give it a go. I ordered my pack and patiently waited for its arrival to turn my health around.

The more I read about the protocol, the more it motivated me to get started and make a real difference to my wellbeing. I started the protocol weighing 80 Kg, the heaviest I have been in all my adult life.

The first few days of the protocol were challenging however, I had a major mental shift. I really wanted to make this work. I wanted to have control over my body and reclaim my health. I realised that with a little organisation it would be easily achievable. So I went to work in prepping meals, organising menus and ridding the fridge and pantry of all possible temptations.

Within a few days of taking the support drops, supplements and Colloidal Minerals, I was no longer hungry, I no longer craved coffee and loved the simplicity of the food I was having. I became very creative in my cooking, discovering a love of food that was long forgotten, like broths and fermented foods.

What I have learned about food

Bad habits are not easy to break, however with guidance and support from the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol coaches and the private Facebook support group it becomes much easier. Sharing is caring and there is a wealth of seasoned Protocolians that are always willing and ready to assist.

The wonderful coaches always respond in a loving, positive and encouraging manner. They have been through this journey and fully understand the individual joys, the achievements and the challenges everyone is facing.

I started paying close attention to the products that I bought, carefully reading the ingredients list and making informed decisions. I learnt to buy wholesome, organic whole foods and keep the menus as simple as possible.

I learnt to listen to my body and realised that for over 20 years I mistreated and abused it while it was screaming out to me in the form of pain and illness.

I learnt that I am human and that I make mistakes. Mistakes can happen, however how we deal with them and what we take and learn from them help us to develop stronger coping mechanisms.

If you fall, get up, dust yourself off and continue on your journey

I learnt to be true to myself and not cave when others are trying to sabotage my efforts. I learnt to proudly say that I eat what my body needs and that I do not have to blindly follow others.

A new way of life!

I have lost a total of 19Kg. I feel so great that I tell anyone and everyone that will listen about the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol!


My health has improved drastically. I no longer need pain medication and find that I can manage most of my symptoms through healing foods. I have more energy and my skin is glowing just like I was dreaming it would.

I have been approached by many friends and colleagues asking what my secret is to looking so great.

For me, this is on ongoing journey and my hope is to help as many people as I can to understand the benefits of good healthy eating. I continue to learn and test new foods. My cooking repertoire is increasing and I have developed several recipes that indulge the soul with sweet and savory delights.

To me this is my new way of life and I love it!

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Madaline Szabo

Madaline Szabo

Thank you Changing Habits for giving me a new lease on life, for enabling me to enjoy quality time with my family and for guiding me to a better healthier me!
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