A Healthier Approach to Eating, One Day at a Time

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A Healthier Approach to Eating, One Day at a Time

July 2, 2018

Danielle Topp

On Christmas Day 2016, I sat down to a buffet lunch with lots of family, including my cousin who I had not seen in a while. Like mine, her weight has always gone up and down but at this particular time it was down and she looked fantastic. We got chatting about how she achieved her goal weight – which she had maintained for 18 months at that stage – and she said it was through the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol.

She outlined briefly how it worked, and how she had done three short rounds and gone on to achieve a 28kg weight loss. I decided to read up on 4 Phase – I read all the testimonials and what foods I might be eating, and I thought to myself, “Just do a 24-day round and stick to it and decide from there.” I ordered my book and drops in early January 2017 and there was no looking back! I was 107.5kg and ready and excited for change.

Support During the Hard Times

I read and re-read the book; I wanted to do this right. I made a list of foods I would choose from and away I went. To my surprise, I had none of the nasty detox symptoms that I had heard some people get, maybe a slight headache but that was it. It was summer so drinking water constantly helped a lot with keeping hunger at bay. Though, don’t get me wrong – I definitely had moments where I struggled! But that is where I found the Facebook group to be really helpful, just knowing that lots of others were going through the same thing and reading lots of motivating posts.

I did struggle with it being school holidays when I started, as life still went on for my family and there were trips to the movies with snacks and take away meals, and I really did feel like I was missing out… that is until I hopped on the scales the next morning and was rewarded for staying strong.

Every night I would get into bed and be excited to see what the scales would read the next morning – I loved that it just kept going down and down. I did a 24-day round that first time and I lost 10kg. I was now in the double figures on the scale!

I have now done 4 short rounds, my last one finishing in November last year. I lost a total of 27.5kg, hitting 80kg, and I feel great. I no longer have daily headaches or brain fog and, basically, things are just easier. My job during the week is a medical receptionist so I am sitting a lot, but I also have a mobile High Tea business and that is quite physical – I do notice that lifting, etc, is much easier now.

Getting the Family on Board

I love that I have lost weight from everywhere and hearing people say, “Wow! Look at you!”, is very nice! My partner and son are supportive even if I do get a bit grumpy when I am doing a round. I think support is a huge part of being successful. I have had my sister, mum, brother, and a couple of close friends jump on board and they too are having great success which is really lovely to see.

I also love that I am learning all the time what foods are and are not right for my body.

I will have these tools for life and can’t imagine going back to eating how I used to. Being a non-drinker, I used to enjoy my can of soft drink every night with dinner and I did wonder how I would go without it, but I can honestly say I have not had one soft drink since January last year – only water and sparkling water.

I am about to embark on Round 5. Each round was different for me, with round 4 being the easiest. I am excited to hit the 70’s very soon, somewhere I have not been in 7 years.

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Danielle Topp

Danielle Topp

If you are thinking of starting, please just do yourself a favour and do it! You absolutely will not regret it. If you have just started, please keep going and remember why you started – you will definitely be rewarded in so many ways!
Danielle Topp

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