How I Found ‘Myself’ Again

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How I Found ‘Myself’ Again

October 16, 2018


In August 2016 I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognise myself. Who was this puffy person looking back at me? The face I was used to had disappeared, swallowed by inflammation. I was at a weight I had never thought I would be. I had pain – hip pain, foot pain, headaches, sinus problems, a persistent sore throat and cough. I had reached a point where I knew I had to do something. But what?

I have always had an interest in nutrition, cooking and using real, whole foods. I wanted to regain that interest, and stop eating highly processed, high sugar foods that I knew were causing my pain. I was 90kg. The same weight I was at full-term during my second pregnancy, before giving birth to a 4.5kg baby! Except there was no baby this time!

I had read enough about nutrition and psychology in my life to know that I was punishing myself with food that just exacerbated my health issues. And that if I didn’t break these habits, I was going to get really sick – perhaps irreversibly.

People often say that things happen for a reason, that the universe has your back. It was one of those moments when I clicked on the Skinnymixers website and read about Nikalene Riddle’s journey to health using the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol. What an inspiration! At that point I thought, “If she can do it, so can I!”

Eating Mindfully and Setting Some Goals

So I ordered the pack. And there began my own journey to regaining my health. It was delivered in September 2016, with the first ever challenge starting later that month. I had already started to eat more mindfully before the challenge started, which helped me a great deal (now there’s a 5 Day Cleanse to help with this!). My main goals were to feel better, lose the pain and lose around 10-15kg over a six month period.

Fast forward a few weeks and I had lost a total of 12.9kg and was feeling really fantastic! I had more energy, was happier, focused and brave. I kept a written journal, which really helped me, noting things like mood changes, body niggles and state of mind. My relationship with food certainly changed – I was no longer craving highly processed foods and was eating to satiation rather than to bursting.

After I started to reintroduce foods and move into Phase4eva, I got to my lowest weight of 69.8kg. I had lost 20kg during the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol! I was actually proof that this protocol really works!


But this journey is so much more than the weight loss. Since 2016 I have let go of more than just my ‘fat’! I have let go of a whole wardrobe of clothes, shelves of books, lots of material possessions, habits that crippled me, and foods that hated me. I have found a new love, a new lease on life and moved to the other side of the world. I now live in Åland Islands, an archipelago between Finland and Sweden, with my new love (who also lost 10kg on the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol, plus gained insight into foods that caused him a range of health issues).

I am pursuing my passions, including writing, cooking, history and art. I am pain free. I have a deep understanding of how my body reacts to foods. I make informed choices about what I fuel myself with. I have found myself inside the old me that had been (literally) weighted down by life.

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Lisa Bolin

Lisa Bolin

This program helped me find a new track, a new outlook, and a new, healthy me. It can help you too!
Lisa Bolin

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