How My Husband and I Lost 70kgs and Regained Health in 10 Months

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How My Husband and I Lost 70kgs and Regained Health in 10 Months

September 5, 2017

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I was a plus size 22/24, weighing in at over 122kgs.  My doctor had classified me as Morbidly Obese 3 with a BMI of over 40. Then I joined the very first 4 Phase Protocol ‘Challenge’ and everything changed.

Compounding Health Issues

Prior to starting the protocol I had a number of health issues besides the weight. I had fatty liver disease, Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), osteoarthritis in both hips, heartburn, indigestion, migraines and pain was a constant daily battle. Then, in 2016 my doctor addressed the issue of my weight, but we had been down that road before…

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I had visited dietitians who put me on a low fat diet, I had joined gyms and attempted to get my ‘heart rate up’, I had taken prescription medication that made me feel awful. Nothing worked!! But this talk was different….my doctor told me that the only way that I was ever going to lose weight was to have weight loss surgery. Wow! To say that I was shocked would be an understatement.

I was in denial. I knew I was overweight and struggling, but I didn’t realise I was ‘that big’ but let’s face it, I was.

It was time to face reality: my health problems were because of my weight. So, I accepted the referral from my doctor with the intention of going ahead and booking in for surgery. But then something happened over the next couple of days that would change my life forever…I received an email from Changing Habits (as I had been following Cyndi’s journey for a few years), advertising the 4 Phase Fat Loss Challenge and I signed up.

My Health Transformation

Fast forward 10 months (and three protocol rounds) later, I’m now almost 50kgs lighter, in a healthy weight range and feel fantastic!  I’ve lost over 200cm from my body and am now a size 10/12 in clothing. A long way from size 22/24 just 10 months ago. More importantly, I no longer have any symptoms of PCOS, heartburn, indigestion, or migraines and I am completely pain free!  I have so much energy and enthusiasm for the day, but at the same time a feeling of calmness has also developed. I just feel grounded and in complete control.

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My Lifestyle Changes Started Influencing the Family

My Husband, Shane was so impressed with the changes he saw during my first round that he joined me on rounds 2 and 3.  At 47, he was beginning to show signs of middle age. He was not sleeping well, riddled with aches and pains, slipping concentration, low tolerance levels and his snoring was almost unbearable!

After two rounds he has lost an amazing 20kgs! Going from a size 38/40 waist to 30/32. He now weighs the same as that spunky 18 year old surfer that I first started dating.  For the first time in many years he is sleeping soundly with no snoring at all, he’s pain free and his ability to handle stress at work, plus his concentration levels, have changed considerably.

healthy man before and after doing The 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol

It is hard to believe that in just 10 months our whole family has changed forever. We have lost a combined weight of 70kgs but we have gained so much more. The 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol has given us the knowledge we need to successfully maintain the weight loss, but also the skills to ensure our family’s continued health and happiness.

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Leanne Blackman

Leanne Blackman

Protocol Coach at The 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol & Changing Habits
I'm a wife and mother of two boys with a true passion for health! After my husband Shane and I lost a combined weight of 70kgs and regained our health, I now want to help as many people as possible realise they can do the same!

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