‘I Did it for Myself’: How I Changed my Relationship With Food

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‘I Did it for Myself’: How I Changed my Relationship With Food

July 6, 2018


Throughout my childhood and my teenage years, I had never had a weight issue. However, when I graduated from high school I had developed an underactive thyroid, which is hereditary in my family, and I started to gain weight very quickly.

After some time I managed to work it all off again and get back on track. However, a couple of years ago that all changed – I was getting married, working full time, studying full time and I started a downward spiral when it came to my eating habits. I gained 20 kilos within a year, was on a lot of medications and I was going days without eating, followed by days where I would overeat. This all took a toll on my body. I could see how much I was gaining but I had no capacity to take care of my body as my mental health was really poor.

In September last year, I finally felt ready to try the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol. It was a huge commitment, but I was ready to do it. In fact, I only succeeded because I did it purely for myself.

Mentally, I had always turned to food for comfort – even when I wasn’t hungry I just ate because it comforted me. Being on the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol helped me to break that habit; I was able to find something else to anchor me in times of emotional distress.

I chose the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol because it eliminated foods, really stripping them back to basics and starting from scratch. The changes in my body have been absolutely mind blowing. I have managed to lose over 20 kilos. Throughout last year, I had real stomach issues and was intolerant to a lot of foods and I had no idea why, or which ones I should avoid. The  4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol helped me identify a lot of foods that were inflammatory to my body.

The weight loss is a big bonus, but the amazing thing is that I feel so much better inside and I have had no stomach issues since I have stayed away from those foods.

The 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol has really educated me about what I was feeding myself and has taught me to take better care and to be more mindful of what I eat. It is a big commitment and requires you to be in the right headspace but the support network that it provides is a huge tool in helping you on your journey. The  4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol has changed my life and my future!

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Alice Florea

Alice Florea

For those who are thinking about going on the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol, I could never recommend it enough! You will learn so much about yourself, your body and foods.
Alice Florea

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