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Black Peppercorns - 100g



$7.47 / 100g


Pepper does to meals what Julie Andrews did to the von Trapp kids in the famous musical The Sound of Music – it makes them sing! Add flavour to any dish with a pinch of our Organic Black Pepper, bringing a little spicy heat to your meal.

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* Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Grain Free, Vegetarian

Did you know that black pepper is actually a fruit? It comes from the flowering vine of the woody tropical plant Piper nigrum. The chemical ‘piperine’ give pepper its spiciness. (You’ll thank us when that one pops up at the next pub quiz).

Using whole peppercorns and grinding straight on to your food helps to retain the freshness.

And, unlike other pepper which may be irradiated (exposed to radiation) to extend its shelf life, our pepper is not. No additives or preservatives are added to our pepper. Time to get spicy!


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