How I Regained My Health After Ditching the Fad Diets

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How I Regained My Health After Ditching the Fad Diets

January 18, 2018

I was always a chubby girl. But when I turned 21, I got a taste for exercise. I joined a beach volleyball team, I started boxing 6 days a week and I competed in triathlons and many other running events. I also began a 1200 cal diet and dropped 16kgs.

I maintained this lifestyle – and my weight of 58kgs – until I was 28. During this time I became quite obsessed with my training and would beat myself up if I missed a session, often training twice a day.

However, when I was 28, I lost several friends to suicide in a short period of time. I noticed my anxiety skyrocket rapidly and I started to feel very depressed. Usually exercise made me feel better, but it got to a point where it didn’t and I had to reach out for help. I was diagnosed with extremely severe anxiety and depression, and my GP suggested it was caused by the grief in combination with my contraceptive pill.

How I Tried to Control My Weight

I stopped taking the pill immediately and gained 28kgs in 3 months. I started to see a counsellor and got my anxiety and depression under control without medication. Then I desperately wanted to control my weight.

I started HIIT training, thinking maybe my body was used to my old training and needed a new challenge, but this didn’t help. I tried acupuncture, saw a clinical psychologist, a personal trainer, a dietitian and a nutritionist, and tried every fad diet under the sun. I started to suffer from insomnia and continually caught gastro. I constantly had an upset stomach and was very bloated.

After 3 years of struggling on like this, I had a series of blood tests taken by my GP. I was sent to an endocrinologist (hormone specialist) as my cortisol levels were through the roof. The specialist had no answers for me other than the high levels of cortisol were making my body store fat. I cut sugar, gluten and dairy from my diet but still nothing changed.

No one seemed to know what was wrong with me.

A Focus on Food

I decided to see a naturopath and she suggested the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol. She had a client who had seen results and thought it was worth a try. I started the protocol, together with kinesiology, and have not looked back!

In my first round of the protocol, I lost 17.1kgs, from a starting weight of 85.8kgs. I found the structure and guidelines very easy to follow. I began to sleep better, I had more energy and my skin cleared up. I chose to focus on food and did not exercise during the protocol.

The support was amazing. I followed the dedicated protocol Facebook page and found an accountability partner on there who I messaged daily for encouragement and support. Having someone to connect with daily who was going through the same process definitely helped me to succeed.

During this time I was invited to several events including hens’ nights, Christmas parties and my best friend’s wedding. But I was not willing to trade my new found health and happiness by straying, so I was prepared and ate before I went to the events. If friends asked to go out to dinner, I suggested a picnic and brought foods I could enjoy. I didn’t miss out on anything!

No More Calorie Counting

I am so happy maintaining my current weight of 68.7kgs. My clothes fit me again, and during the protocol I identified a number of foods that I had been eating on a daily basis that just do not agree with me. This knowledge has meant I can avoid those foods and no longer suffer with daily bloat and an upset stomach.

I have more confidence and don’t feel a need to be strict on myself – the healthy foods I enjoy are good for my body, delicious, and I no longer need to calorie count or train myself into the ground. I have just started hot yoga and now enjoy meditation. I am much calmer, healthier and happier since completing the 4 Phase Protocol!

I am so thankful for this program. It has truly changed my life.

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Jemma Flockhart

Jemma Flockhart

The protocol was so easy to follow and I got the results I had been seeking for a long time. It might just work for you too!
Jemma Flockhart

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