How I Turned My Life Around After Years of Poor Health & Weight Gain

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How I Turned My Life Around After Years of Poor Health & Weight Gain

October 31, 2017

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I never thought a turn around (like this) in life was possible.

I was always a mildly active person. I played state level netball all through high school, I worked from the young age of 13, I ran—I ran a lot! I even left school to pursue a fitness career, because I wanted to help people get their lives on track and feel confident and good about themselves, just like I did at the age of 18.

Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

I took on a hairdressing apprenticeship and didn’t have much time or money for training or anything else to be honest. As happy as I was getting a trade certificate and making something of myself, I started to spiral into a deep depression. The money I was earning JUST covered my rent each week, plus enough groceries to make a huge batch of pasta that kept me going until the next pay. Needless to say I spiraled down hill, quick and fast.

Tim, my partner, never said much (he was super polite) but I knew that I was stacking on the weight. At the time I chose to remain oblivious and we spent the next few years travelling, having fun and enjoying life in our small apartment with barely any responsibility…

A Downward Spiral of Poor Health

I remember weighing myself one day and upon seeing numbers in the high 90s thinking, oh my goodness, how the heck did that happen? I cried. I cried to Tim and he joined me up to the closest gym and I started going to the gym. I tried eating healthier foods but I wasn’t really giving it 100% even though I KNEW 110% was what my body needed. I still wasn’t dedicated. My sister-in-law then tried to help me with a nutrition program, it lasted a month. I lost 5kg but I was bored again.

Another year or so went on and all of a sudden, I became anaphylactic to penicillin. My body started doing terrible things but I ignored them and blamed it on my allergies. I was having blood tests every 3 months to monitor my kidneys because they would almost collapse when I went into anaphylactic shock. My doctor said if I kept gaining weight, I could be subject to a great number of different medical problems. By this stage, I had stopped wanting to be active—going for walks or runs? Yuck! I’d much rather choose comfort food and watching movies on those weekends while Tim was away for work. That’s what my life became and I don’t think Tim ever really knew. I was a far cry from that 18 year old who had a passion for fitness.

Fast forward 2 more years…I was a senior stylist, but depressed and hating life for literally, no reason. So I left hairdressing and became a travel agent—I didn’t realise how much this would change my mental health, I love my job!—but going from a stand up job to a sit down job? That was more cause for destruction.

As happy as I was the following 18 months in my new job, I knew deep down I was just getting bigger and bigger. My body hurt, I had bloating and pains every single day, I don’t think a day went by that I didn’t complain to Tim or someone about something. I’ve always had back pain, but my goodness it was almost unbearable! Time just kept rolling on…

The doctor, the chiropractor, any one that was trying to help, kept pointing at one thing and I was like, “okay I’ll eat some salad!”

The Severity of My Condition Finally Set In

I went to Europe for 5 weeks with my best friend in March this year and it really inspired me. All I could think about was getting home and getting my life together. Finally, after 5 years of downward spiraling, I acknowledged that if I continued down this path I could potentially die at a young age. When I got home I started making small changes with food, tried drinking more water, started doing some yoga at home but I REFUSED to weigh myself.

At the beginning of June I visited my doctor, he delicately handed me something that I was to “take home and read” but I made him show me there and then. It was paperwork to consider surgery—I lost it and told him he can throw it in the bin, because I’m “not that big!” He explained that he couldn’t be a friend to me any more (he has been with me through everything) and that this was my intervention basically. I was having an intervention. He mentioned The 4 Phase Protocol and said I really should give it a go. At this point I was weighing in around 115kg.

The excuses continued. “I have 3 trips coming up, I’ll start when I get back.” Then, for once in my life, my partner gave me tough love and said enough is enough. That was it, the protocol was on it’s way and I had no idea what I was in for. I took my anger out on my pantry and threw EVERYTHING out that was packaged or processed. I knew deep down, 2017 was my year.

I Turned My Life Around

The 4 Phase Protocol has literally, changed my life and I haven’t looked back since.

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I went on those 3 trips, but I took my body scales, real food supplements, as much food as possible and made it work. Here I am 125 days later, 23 kg and over 130 cm gone forever! Since starting, I haven’t experienced any bloating unless my body was reacting to a certain food (which I now take as a clear message to stay away), my back pain has halved and my stomach/torso area has also halved in size—that’s A LOT of toxic fat gone from around my organs. Above all, I now know I’m intolerant to foods I was eating daily like, eggs, avocado, cauliflower and leeks, just to name a few. I wouldn’t know any of this if I hadn’t taken on the protocol.

I have control, I make the rules for my body now and I do not succumb to the pressure of travelling, work functions, or people telling me that just one day off or just one bite won’t hurt—it will!

I’m so excited to say, that on top of it all, I’ve also returned to college to restudy personal training and resume my career in the fitness industry! To be 25 years old, to have my youthful active lifestyle again, to be IN LOVE with eating for my body and training to stay strong—these are things I am thankful for, every, single, day. I have officially changed my habits.

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Halley Bellia

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